Philippians (sample)

A sample of the six-week course in the Letter of Paul to the Philippians. This course includes videos.

Philippians (sample)
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Joy under trials

 Paul’s letter to the Philippians is all about joy. This is amazing when you consider that he was a prisoner when he wrote to his friends in Philippi. In spite of being a prisoner, Paul found joy in the Lord. That was possible because His joy depended on Jesus, not on his circumstances. The same joy is possible for us, no matter how difficult our circumstances may be. In this letter, Paul explains an important secret to living the Christian life: To live this life well, we need to have “the mind of Christ.” When we have “the mind of Christ,” we depend on Him as our source of strength and joy so we, too, can live in joy and victory instead of sorrow and defeat.  

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Lesson 1: Rejoice!
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Let's pray for each other!
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Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Paul’s Testimony
DAY 1: Paul’s Affection and Prayer for the Philippians
DAY 2: Paul’s Way of Evangelism
DAY 3: — Motives for Preaching the Truth
DAY 4: — Living for Christ
DAY 5: — Paul’s Exhortation
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Lesson 6: Peace and Contentment
DAY 1: Appeal for Peace Between Believers
DAY 2: Praying Results in Peace
DAY 3: Think About and Practise These Things
DAY 4: The Secret of Contentment
DAY 5: Paul Expressed Gratitude
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Group discussion time!
Let's pray for each other.
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